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Aperture and Lace 6 – 27 March

APERTURE & LACE 6 – 27 March blend(er) gallery 4/48 Central Walk, Joondalup Monday – Thursday 10.00am – 2.00pm Friday – Sunday 1.00pm – 7.00pm   Fashion photography meets wearable art. Featuring a collection of wearable art pieces from contemporary artists and fashion designers in addition to the work of […]

Artist Talk – Friday 26 April 2013

EVENT:                     JCAA FRIDAY MORNING TEA DATE/ TIME:            26th APRIL 10 AM – 12 PM. GUEST SPEAKER:     ALEX MACIVER, VISUAL ARTS OFFICER AT THE CITY OF JOONDALUP TOPIC:                     VISUAL ARTS IN THE CITY OF JOONDALUP You are invited to attend an open discussion with Alex Maciver, the Visual Arts Officer at […]

Exploration 26 Feb – 1 Mar

Exploration  By Boris Poznovia Architect & Photographer  “The core of my current work is concerned with expanding the boundaries of Architecture, the art sphere I’m immersed in daily. Although based in the architectural tradition of space, functionality, views as well as spacial form, my exploration of the photography just as […]

Jane Graham 11 – 15 Feb

 “Art is Creating a Silence” Art is about how to design your silence. Exhibition times:  Monday 11th – Friday 15th February, The gallery will be open Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 .30 pm Wednesday 13th Feb 6.30 pm and Friday 15th February 10am Jane will be giving an introduction […]

Burst 4 – 9 February

“Burst” The blend(er) Gallery take pleasure in inviting you and your friends to the viewing and sale of the collaboration of recent works by artists, Cat Cronin and Jen Lee. The exhibition titled “Burst” exemplifies the genesis of inspiration and creativity, and the artists’ recent emergence to the City of […]

January 2013

Lines and Space Pauline Sookloll Recipient of the 2012 Arts in Focus Award for Visual Arts Opening: 6pm-8pm Wednesday  23 January 2013 The exhibition will be opened by Brenda Ridgewell, Director of Jewellery and 3D Design, Curtin University Exhibition dates: Tuesday 22 – Friday 1 February 2013 Opening times: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm, […]