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Newsletter May/June

Hello Everybody,   I hope this newsletter finds you all well and enjoying your creative pursuits.   Firstly, congratulations to all members exhibiting work on the “Autumn Exhibition”, the gallery space looks great with all your wonderful contributions.   A big thank you is extended to Toni Subritzky for her […]

Schedule of Artists in Residence

TUESDAY 8th MAY Cleide Teixeira : Shirley Mashman : Hettie Rowley : Val Shaw : Doreen Byrne : Sue Postler : Leslie La Grove : Jane Ziemons : WEDNESDAY  9th MAY Cleide Teixeira : Hettie Rowley : Jane Ziemons : THURSDAY 10th MAY Hettie Rowley : Miriam Quinn : Eva […]

Newsletter May 2012

ARTISTS IN RESIDENCE TUESDAY 8TH MAY – SATURDAY 12TH MAY 2012 This is a reminder for the Artists in Residence week which starts next week Tuesday 8th of May. If you have not paid, please be so kind as to pay during this coming week and if you have already […]

Newsletter April 2012

BLENDER GALLERY NEWS Hi Everybody, Please find herewith a few dates to remember. 1) Friday 27th April Members Tea. Dr Perdita Philips will be in residence at the gallery and there will be an informal discussion with her  relating to her practice.  Members can take part in sound art walks […]

cusp – 26 April to 5 May

The cusp residence by Western Australia artist Perdita Phillips brings together sound and walking in contemporary artworks. Phillips’ work is often concerned with natural environments. She has been sound recording at Lake Clifton, south of Mandurah as part of The Sixth Shore project, investigating the history of the lake and […]

Newsletter March 2012

JCAA March 2012 Newsletter Dear Members, Please find herewith some information relating to pick -ups and exhibitions. 1) Picking up Artwork from the “Fabrication” Exhibition. The Exhibition closes on Saturday 31st March. Due to the City of Joondalup Festival we will be having the “pick up” between 6 and 7 […]