JCAA General Meeting & Special Motion 10am Wed 12 Jun 2019

JCAA General Meeting & Special Motion

10.00am 12 June 2019

Joondalup Art Gallery (JAG), 4/48 Central Walk Joondalup

This 2019 Joondalup Community Arts Association (JCAA) General Meeting will consider formal applications and nominations from individuals interested in filling vacant positions (to 31 December 2019):

  • JCAA Secretary (unpaid)
  • JCAA Treasurer (unpaid)

Operational Board Appointments 2019 *

  • Coordinator (part-time, paid)
  • Curator (part-time, paid)
  • Gallery Curator (unpaid, includes co-ordinating with the JCAA Hanging Committee currently in existence and operational)
  • Bookkeeper (part-time, paid)

Joondalup Community Arts Association Committee Members:

  • Members for JCAA Marketing Committe (up to 5 members)
  • Members for JCAA Fund-Raising Committee (up to 5 members)

* Please note: paid positions are non-voting roles. The Joondalup Community Arts Association will always seek and welcome the involvement and assistance of all artists, artisans and every other creative individual. Plus and any local, interested community members, including those with business and administrative experience -please join us, or become a mentor!

All JCAA posts fall vacant at the end of each calendar year, and so now there will always be new and on-going opportunities – for all members to be involved in JCAA’s operations, and at many levels. To know more about how the JCAA runs or these specific positions now available:

Please contact JCAA as soon as possible.

Alternatively, please RSVP and attend this meeting and learn more about JCAA.

JCA members will always be delighted to discuss JCAA, its operations, hopes and plans with you. Or come along to open hours at the JAG Gallery, to talk to JCAA’s friendly and welcoming volunteers.


Susanne Lorraine Johnston
4/48 Central Walk JOONDALUP WA 6027 08 9300 3088 | gallery@jcaa.org.au www.jag.org.au

The Joondalup Art Gallery is a joint initiative between the Joondalup Community Arts Association Inc. and the City of Joondalup.


  1. SPECIAL MOTION TO ACCEPT JCAA’S Changes to Articles (as Mandated by WA State Government)
  2. ACCCEPT Joondalup Council’s 2019 MOU with JCAA’s 2020-2026 STRATEGIC PLAN
  3. CONSIDER formal applications and nominations from individuals interested in filling the vacant positions (for the remainder of 2019)