Manic Mobile Popup Exhibition 26 Feb to 15 Mar 2019

Manic Mobiles + Innovative Installations + Remarkable Reliefs


Wire, plastic bottle tops, yogurt tubs, fabric, beads, paper. metal, found objects, sticks, natural objects, wool – anything and everything. Bind, weave, collage, hang, stick, create, pile, stack, join, integrate, create, make, innovate!

We’ve challenged ourselves to inspire, entertain, push boundaries, experiment, explore and make something unique, different, curious, tactile and challenging. We’ve hung mobiles from the ceiling, dreamcatchers from the walls, installed found objects, twisted and twined wire into objects, hanging on nets, one or multiple, a flight of birds, ants on the floor, on plinths or tables. Together, we’ve built a magical space awash with intrigue and innovation.

We’ve worked together or alone, we’ve worked in the gallery or at home. We are the creative hand-mades!