Renata Wright – Winner of JCAA Members Art Award 2019

Renata Wright - Winner of JCAA Members Art Award 2019


Renata Wright is the winner of the 2019 Joondalup Community Arts Association (JCAA) Members Art Award.

This award follows from last year’s “JCAA Members Selection Exhibition” where artists competed in five categories: Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photographic & Digital Media and Technical Excellence. The winner of each category then went on to produce 3 more works to present in this exhibition. The judging for the overall winner of the JCAA Members Art Award 2019 was done by three external judges.

Renata’s series of thoughtful, sensitive and delightful watercolour paintings reflect her dedication and passion for the watercolour medium. The spider webs and water droplets in the exhibition show great attention to detail, and a good understanding of light source and tangible transparency. She has been a member and supporter of the JCAA for many years and continues to challenge herself to improve standards and explore new concepts.