Andy Quilty Drawing Workshop – 16 Sep 2018

As part of the upcoming Community Invitation Art Award (CIAA) held 14-28 October 2018, participating artists will be presenting a series of workshops as part of the Public Program for the CIAA.

Andy Quilty’s workshop will focus on the notion of drawing as a process of discovery. Participants will develop important skills, employing experimental methodologies and risk taking – introducing the notion of ‘happy accidents’ as fundamental to the art making process. Building confidence as well as technical skills, participants will gain the ability to take a more intuitive and exploratory approach to their work.

Sunday 16 September Workshop Format

Part 1 (10am -11:30am) – Utilising only a graphite pencil (without aid of an eraser) participants will learn to achieve a more instinctual and primal approach to drawing. The notion of permanence in mark making is presented as an important means of discovery and the catalyst for embracing chance in drawing – the idea of the ‘happy accident’, removing the concept of ‘mistakes’ so students can take a less hesitant and more expressive approach to making art.

Part2 (12pm -1:30pm) – Making a series of charcoal drawings, participants will explore a diverse and exploratory approach to mark making. The key element again is encouraging participants to take a loose, organic and expressive approach to making art.

All materials supplied.

There will be a break from 11:30am – 12.00noon. Please bring your own morning tea.

Price: $40

The workshop will be held at the Joondalup Art Gallery, 4/48 Central Walk, Joondalup WA.
Bookings are essential.

The City of Joondalup is managing the online registrations for this workshop through their website. Click here to register.