JCAA Members Selection Exhibition – 2-24 Aug 2018

‘JCAA Members Selection Exhibition’

art exhibition by members of

Joondalup Community Arts Association

at the Joondalup Art Gallery

2nd – 24th August 2018

Official Opening – Friday 3rd August 2018 @ 6.30 pm

Open for Viewing – Tue-Thu 10am-2pm & Fri 10.30am-2.30pm

Extended Opening Time: 5 to 9pm on Friday August 17

Cost of Entry: FREE

Works in following 5 categories are on offer:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Mixed Media
  • Photographic and Digital Media
  • Technical Excellence
The “JCAA Members Selection Exhibition” was initiated in 2014 to encourage our members to challenge their artistic practice, to play, take risks, and explore innovative ideas, media and processes in both two and three-dimensional form. We have had four very successful Selection Exhibitions with the quality of artworks exceeding our expectations. Julia Andrijasevich was the final winner of our 2017 JCAA Art Award and she recently went on to receive the award for most outstanding Textiles entry in the current Joondalup Community Art Exhibition at Lakeside Shopping Centre. We hope that 2018 entries to our Selection Exhibition will follow this trend of excellence and we will receive some innovative and exciting entries.

One artist from each of the five categories will be selected by a panel of external judges, and awarded a one-year free membership of the JCAA, as well as being invited to exhibit at the two-week JCAA Art Awards Exhibition to be held in February 2019. Each of the five artists will be required to produce a further 3 artworks for the JCAA Awards Exhibition. External judges will judge the bodies of work, and one artist will be awarded the 2018 JCAA Art Award prize of $500.

Elements of artworks on display

Click on any of the images below to view in carousel viewer

***************** ROW 1 ***************
Layers by Anne Muller, Mixed Media, $350

Anne Muller
‘Layers’ $350

Trees - Living Breathing by Colin Drummond, Mixed Media, $720

Colin Drummond
‘Trees – Living Breathing’ $720

New Beginnings by Renata Wright, Watercolour, $575

Renata Wright
‘New Beginnings’ $575

Lavender and Lemons by Joanna Webber, Oil on Canvas, $750

Joanna Webber
‘Lavender and Lemons’ $750

Vanitis Still Life Series Diptych by Stephanie de Biasi, Acrylic on Board, $380

Stephanie de Biasi
‘Vanitis Still Life Series’ $380

Pelicano Abstracto by Dita E. Hagedorn, Digital Media, $250

Dita E. Hagedorn
‘Pelicano Abstracto’ $250

Summer by Jane Armstrong, Ink, $350

Jane Armstrong
‘Summer’ $350

From My Garden by Marilyn Hamilton, Mixed Media, $395

Marilyn Hamilton
‘From My Garden’ $395

Still Life by Natalia Kaighin, Mixed Media, $300

Natalia Kaighin
‘Still Life’ $300

Woodvale Waters by Lauren Arcus, Oil on Canvas, $1,500

Lauren Arcus
‘Woodvale Waters’ $1500

In Conversation by Annette Peterson, Oil on Linen, $850

Annette Peterson
‘In Conversation’ $850

Tropical by Jenny Ellis-Newman, Acrylic on Canvas, $290

Jenny Ellis-Newman
‘Tropical’ $290

Shining Through by Val Cave, Acrylic on Canvas, $75

Val Cave
‘Shining Through’ $75

Love Birds by Suman Malik, Oil on Canvas, $120

Suman Malik
‘Love Birds’ $120

Connection by Mary Arkless, Mixed Media, $120

Mary Arkless
‘Connection’ $120

Pseudonymous by Melaan Adriansz, Mixed Media, $300

Melaan Adriansz
‘Pseudonymous’ $300

Under the Sea by Paula Thompson, Acrylic on Canvas, $220

Paula Thompson
‘Under the Sea’ $220

The Couple by Gillian Rizzo, Acrylic on Paper, $550

Gillian Rizzo
‘The Couple’ $550

Sisters by Kelly Discepati, Clay/Ceramic, $300

Kelly Discepati
‘Sisters’ $300

George by Sheila Ayling, Clay/Ceramic, $2,000

Sheila Ayling
‘George’ $2000

Fire, Smoke, Wind by Lesley Le Grove, Mixed Media, $200

Lesley Le Grove
‘Fire, Smoke, Wind’ $200

Sunset by Jodie Holwell, Photography, $80

Jodie Holwell
‘Sunset’ $80

Confined by Julia Andrijasevich, Needle Felt Sculpture, $300

Julia Andrijasevich
‘Confined’ $300

Circle of Time by Michele Johnston, Mixed Media, $100

Michele Johnston
‘Circle of Time’ $100