‘On the Wild Side’ Exhibition of Water Colours by 3 Artists 12-23 Jun 2018

Margaret Oversby
Meg Bradford Seeley
Sue Kemp Moore

On the Wild Side

Water Colour Group Exhibition showcasing water colour artworks by Sue Kemp–Moore, Margaret Oversby and Meg Bradford-Seeley
WHEN: Tue 12th – Sat 23th June 2018
COST: Free Entry
OPENING TIMES: Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 2pm and Friday 10.30am to 2.30pm
OFFICIAL OPENING EVENT: Thursday 14th June from 2pm to 6pm. All welcome.

These dedicated admirers of the diverse Australian indigenous plant life are showcasing their artworks in the ‘On the Wild Side’ Exhibition. You are invited to view and enjoy these at JAG.

Sue Kemp-Moore

Sue Kemp-Moore (nee Perrett) has been a primary school teacher for 40 years, mostly in SW towns, always embracing art with the general curriculum, encouraging children to observe the natural beauty of pattern and randomness of Australian plants and critters. Using watercolour and minimal penwork, Sue’s work combines observations and bright colour, depicting fine detail and passion derived from a lifelong passion with the Australian bush.

Margaret Oversby

Having reached the time when her family responsibilities have lessened, Margaret Oversby is now an enthusiastic novice, painting the unique discoveries of our natural botanical world. Up to this point Margaret has only had the time to walk and admire the Australian bush. Margaret’s journey has included venturing as far as the Murchison, in pursuit of finding botanicals that are often overlooked yet have captured the wonder of our natural Australian heritage.

Meg Bradford-Seeley

Meg Bradford-Seeley is a recent comer to the world of water-colour painting. Being a keen gardener, she is interested in the botanical world and fascinated by the diversity and individuality in each species. After a nursing career in urban, rural and remote areas she has a love of the Australian bush and its rare beauty.

Elements of artworks on display

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Margaret Oversby

Margaret Oversby 1

Sue Kemp–Moore

Sue Kemp–Moore 1

Sue Kemp–Moore

Sue Kemp–Moore 2

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Meg Bradford-Seeley

Meg Bradford-Seeley 1

Meg Bradford-Seeley

Meg Bradford-Seeley 2

Meg Bradford-Seeley

Meg Bradford-Seeley 3

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Meg Bradford-Seeley

Meg Bradford-Seeley 4

Sue Kemp–Moore

Sue Kemp–Moore with her paintings