‘Happenings 1’ – an art exhibition by Art Happenings – 7-16 Mar 2018

‘Happenings 1’

an art exhibition by

Art Happenings Community Art Group

at the Joondalup Art Gallery

7th – 16th March 2018

Opening – 7th March 2018 @ 6.30 pm

‘Art Happenings’ is a group of 15 artists who get together once a week at Hainsworth Community Centre, Girrawheen and create art. Group members work in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, watercolour, textiles, wire and clay, and recyclable materials. They work on their own individual art pieces and also collaborate to work on group projects. “Happenings 1” is the group’s first exhibition.

In 2016, on behalf of the City of Wanneroo, the group completed a series of 16 mosaic panels depicting activities carried out at the Hainsworth Community Centre. These mosaics were attached to a front wall of the centre. In 2017, the group painted a series of floral murals to decorate a side wall of the Hainsworth Community Centre.

‘Art Happenings’ is an autonomous group which evolved from being a handful of people who began attending City of Wanneroo community art classes in 2014. These classes were facilitated by a volunteer, professional artist Chris Kennedy who then went on to remain the volunteer facilitator when ‘Art Happenings’ was formed. ‘Art Happenings’ doesn’t conduct art classes, however members of the group have a diverse range of skills in a variety of artistic medium and they share these skills with the other group members. Several times a year, the group also invites professional artists to run workshops for them.

Christine Kennedy from the Art Happenings Group reflects:

‘The artistic nature/ concept of the project is to showcase a variety of art created by talented individual artists from the Art Happenings Group. They have participated in creating two community art projects for the City of Wanneroo which can now be viewed at the Hainsworth Community Centre Building in Girrawheen’.

The thirteen participating artists have created a broad selection of artworks to include work in acrylic, oils, pastel, graphite, mixed media, found objects, clay and fabric. These include both two and three-dimensional work which includes landscape, portrait, nature studies to include animals and flowers, street scenes and fantasy artworks using different approaches including expressionism, impressionism, realistic work, abstraction and those created with clay and recycled material.

You are invited to come in and enjoy a large variety of colourful two-dimensional paintings, drawings and mixed media work, crafted textile bags, silk scarves and clay sculptures.