It Is What It Is Exhibition – 14-17 Nov 2017

It is What It Is Exhibition
14-17 Nov 2017

Official Opening: 11am-12noon on 14 Nov and 7.30-9pm on 17 Nov
Note: RSVP is required to attend the opening on Friday 17 Nov. Please refer to official poster below for contact details.

Young people attempting to use their creative side. Good people. Savage photos. No hashtags. Just chaos.

‘It Is What It Is’ is an exhibition of photography from young people who attend the Anchor Point Heathridge program, a Youth Futures WA initiative. In collaboration with Camera Story the young people have been shown professional photography skills to be able to express themselves through the camera. These young people within the alternative education program were only given the guidance to use portraiture, with all other creative decisions left to themselves and their own creativity.