IT’S TIME – Exhibition by Mary Arkless 29 Aug – 8 Sep 2017


WHEN: Tuesday 29th August to Friday 8th September 2017
VIEWING HOURS: Tue-Thu 10am to 2pm
Fri 10.30am to 2.30pm and 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Since retiring from a career working in education in Birmingham, UK, Mary Arkless has renewed an early interest in painting . She began attending a variety of courses and workshops both in England and Australia which led her to discover the joy of experimenting with a wide range of mixed media techniques.

After emigrating to Perth in 2010 to join her family, she began to exhibit work in local exhibitions, including the Wanneroo Art Awards and the Joondalup Community Art Exhibition as well as a number of JCAA Members’ Exhibitions at JAG.

Fascination with the theme of ‘Time’ led her to produce a number of pieces based around that idea. Thus, not only were aspects such as seasons and times of day included but also concepts such as space time and the relativity of time served as inspiration. The influence of artists like Salvador Dali and Jackson Pollock can also be seen in some of her work.

Although the majority of the pieces are abstract, this exhibition provides a fairly eclectic mix. Mary’s love of texture and colour is demonstrated in her use of a variety of mixed media ranging from encaustic wax to use of aluminium foil, melted plastic and epoxy resin. In order to express even more vividly the nature of time there are some pieces with working clock mechanisms so adding yet a further dimension to the paintings.

Samples of Artworks by Mary Arkless

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