Charmaine Cole Exhibition – NAIDOC July 2017

When: 3-28 July 2017
Viewing Hours: Tue-Fri from 10am to 2pm

Charmaine Cole is a local artist and resident of Marangaroo who exhibited as part of the 2015 NAIDOC week exhibition Ngatha Ni2. The City of Joondalup is pleased to invite Cole back to exhibit her work as a solo artist this year, to allow local audiences a broader appreciation of her work.

The Mooro people of the Northern Corridors are called Whadjuks, meaning that they are the Custodians of the Whadjuk Nation of the Northern Corridor. Charmaine is exploring ideas associated with the local flora and fauna of the surrounding area, local Noongar culture and the traditional lifestyle of the Mooro Noongar people.

Her work also researches Lake Goollelal, and the urbanisation of the area and the impact that this has had on her people, with a focus on the effects of settlement on Yellagonga and his tribe. George Fletcher Moore’s diary was a starting point for the artist, and is a rich source of information, recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about local aboriginal culture and the impact that colonisation had on the Mooro people, with copies available from City of Joondalup Libraries – Joondalup.

Acknowledgement goes to Elders of the Whadjuks and ancestor to Yellagonga, Elder Doolan Leisha Eatts