Leonie Oakes Exhibition – 8-18 Nov 2016

Viewing: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm

Darkness surrounds me a little more lately.

Leonie Oakes

Where the water laps the shore, silence, as the day turns to night, lungs and the waves breathe, magic happens and shadows form. Where there is darkness there is the potential to illuminate, physically and metaphorically.

This body of work attempts to encapsulate that moment of stillness between the in-breath and the out-breath of the body, between darkness and light, where endings and beginnings merge in both directions. The story of both intertwined.

Intimacy is required in order to reveal the story. This body of work sets up a dialogue like a hidden text unfolding.

“Whether all grow black, or all grow bright, or all remain grey, it is grey we need, to begin with, because of what it is, and what it can do, made of bright and black, able to shed the former or the latter, and be the latter or the former alone…..”

Samuel Beckett, The Unnamable