Corinne Gull – Solo Exhibition – 23 May – 3 Jun 2016

Corinne Gull Solo Exhibition

23rd May – 3rd June
Official Opening: 7pm on 28 May

Contemporary artist and art educator Corinne Gull (from West Coast School Of Art) will be holding a solo exhibition at JAG from the 23rd May – 3rd June.

Her work is characterised by eclectic, abstract stylings and a deep interest in the emotive link between artist and work. Much of her work explores connections between memories and moments, and how they create bonds between people.

I believe that every artist has a moment of inspiration. A moment when you come upon your favourite form of medium, style that bonds with your psyche, your soul and then just fall in love. My ‘love at first sight’: observing, sensing and capturing the spirit of people in our world sparking memories, visiting moments in time or a connected feeling. I am also drawn to the adventures of eclectic artworks exploring the never-ending possibilities.

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