My India – Jane Graham talks about her exhibition 29 May

Jane Graham gave a talk about her exhibition called My India on 29 May 2015.

“I was having a snack one day in a roadside cafe in India, dreaming about having my own art gallery one day. A cheery vegetable vendor pushed his cart along the road. That’s where I found the inspiration for my gallery. A small mobile Artkart. Back in Perth with some help with the heavy work the Kart was built.

I embarked on a three month project offering anyone who wanted to take part, a two week promotional exhibition in the Kart. Exhibitions changed every two weeks thus giving everyone a chance.

A rickety old cart loaded with veg and householders daily requirements means a lot to street cart sales people, a few rupees in their pocket and daily shelter from sun and rain.

I painted my Artkart and loaded it, not with vegetables but with Aussie bling and nick nacks, items that may be important to us. I included it in my Exhibition of work about India.”

Here are a few photos taken during her talk.

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