Artists in Residence generate great Atmosphere


Great fun, great creativity and good, interesting conversations are taking place at the “Artists in Residence” currently running this week in the Joondalup Art Gallery. If you have time pay us a visit and see artists at work! 10 am – 2 pm Thursday and Friday. Check out some photos below.


FRIDAY 11 am – If you are interested in computer generated images Cissi Tsang will give a short talk and demonstration on her work.

Cissi says of her work

“I am a cross-disciplinary artist exploring the connection between photography and music through hexadecimal data (HEX). What I do is convert a photograph into hexadecimal data, then convert the HEX into music. The elements are then combined into a music visualisation.”

Other artists include Brian Sanger, a computer graphics artist who creates wonderfully imaginative work, Jane Graham who has been cutting up work and collaging pieces onto other work, Catherine Swan creating organic acrylic work, Ali Burrows – vibrant colourful abstracted work and Annette Peterson experimenting with colour and form!

Hope to see you in the gallery in the next two days!!

Click on any image below to view full size in the image viewer