“INflate EXflate“ Exhibition 3 Mar – 1 Apr

Date: Tuesday 3rd March – Friday 3rd April
Open: 10 am – 2 pm Tuesday – Friday
Opening Night: 3 March 6-7.30pm

Free Viewing

An exciting exhibition of “inflatable garments” created by Kieran Stewart in collaboration with fashion design, dress making and costume design students from WA universities.

Kieran Stewart with InflatablesKieran Stewart is one of the artists participating in Urban Couture 2015, an exhibition of all things fashion in March being held at different venues around Joondalup.

In this case, Urban Couture 2015 brings you all things inflatable! Kieran Stewart a visual artist based in Victoria visited Joondalup to work with fashion and costume design students from Edith Cowan University, Curtin University and the Western Australian Performing Arts Academy.

Stewart is a problem-solver by nature and uses his inquisitiveness and analytical skills to test new ideas in media he has never worked with before. That is how he fell into inflatable art. He attempted to make something you should never try; a self-made parachute. Needless to say the experiment made for an interesting installation however it is this constant demonstration of pushing the boundaries that makes Stewarts work open to endless opportunity.

City of Joondalup LogoThe opportunity to work with fashion and costume design students using inflatable methodologies is something that appealed to Stewart and his desire to test new garment possibilities. Come along and see Kieran’s work in person at the Joondalup Art Gallery from Tuesday 3 March to Wednesday 1 April 2015.

Urban Couture 2015 is A City of Joondalup Festival Initiative