Drawing Inspirations – 3-13 Feb

Places are limited to ten artists at a time so please register your interest. The gallery will also be open on Thursday 5th and Wednesday 11th February from 6.30 – 9 pm for those of you who work but would like to attend the “Drawing Inspiration” initiative.

Date: Tue 3 Feb through to Fri 13 Feb

Open: 10 am – 2 pm Tuesday – Friday

Open: 6.30pm – 9 pm only on Thu 5 Feb and Wed 11 Feb
for artists who can only attend in the evening.

Viewing is free – all welcome.

6 invited artists (see below) create installations from different perspectives. The result is an exciting, interesting and thought provoking gallery space.

We invite up to 10 artists per day to come to the gallery and be inspired by these installations. Cost for artists is just $10 and includes tea. Register for one of the 8 daytime sessions (Tue-Fri 10am-2pm) or the 2 evening sessions (6.30-9pm on 5 and 11 Feb).


The “Installers” are as follows:

  • Collaboration between Gemma Ben-Ary and Rizzy
    Sweet DreamsInstallation by Gemma Ben-Ary
    Medium: Vintage bed, bedspread, silk nightgown, royal icing, Chinese ink
    Artist statement: Gemma Ben-Ary and Rizzy have collaborated frequently in the past and share a common interest in exploring concepts through the use of materials. Their philosophies frequently intersect during conversations about feminism and perceptions of women. This artwork explores ideas surrounding loss of innocence and the feminine ideals of beauty.

    Through materials that convey prettiness, innocence and delicacy, items such as the single bed, nightgown and flowers, are used to carry their own messages and meanings.

  • Eva Boogaard / Underwater photographer
    Beach FindsInstallation by Eva Boogaard
    Medium: Objects found and collected whilst beach combing to include ropes, floats and shells
    Artist Statement: Eva Boogaard has been an under-water photographer for many years and has a passion for the sea and all things related. Her installation will include many objects both man-made and natural which relate closely to her deep interest in the environment and the sea in particular.

  • Collaboration between Bill Hack and Pauline Sookloll
    SerendipityInstallation by Pauline Sookloll
    Medium: Objects of interest/ found objects
    Artist Statement: This father-daughter collaboration is a composition of objects of interest and intersecting lines. Sookloll’s earlier practice related to her father’s found objects. The thrill of discovery is felt, the intrigue with an objects’ materiality and history and the play between each object within space. Responding to a fascination with the process of attraction as a catalyst for investigation and material explorations, which led to abstractions’ and investigations in neo-minimalism.

  • Lesley Le Grove
    Commercial Models Objects & TexturesInstallation by Leslie LeGrove
    Medium: Art Deco period, hats, bags, small mannequin, posters, cane chair etc
    Artist Statement: Lesley is a mixed media artist who creates in both 2 and 3 dimensions. She uses a wide variety of different materials to include fabric, porcelain, wire, paper and experiments with both techniques and processes. Her installation is derived from her collection of various paraphernalia which includes an Art Deco model poster, early display mannequins, bags, chair fabric objects and a few of her own artworks. Lesley has included a selection of textures and shapes to enhance her installation.

  • Valerie Shaw
    Lost in TranslationInstallation by Val Shaw
    Medium: Metal sculptures, artworks, natural and found objects
    Artist Statement: “Lost in Translation” challenges the viewer to interpret a collection of seemingly unrelated metal sculptures, found objects, natural forms and images reflecting brief insights into fleeting moments in time and space. Val is a collector of discarded objects and materials, infusing new life into these acquisitions. In the semi-conscious state between waking and sleeping the mind plays games bringing together seemingly unrelated events, concepts and imagery. A documentation of this meditative state whilst attempting to resolve ideas for an installation has resulted in the creation of this installation. The inclusion of shadow adds to the mystery of semi- consciousness thought.