Love Your Tree Exhibition 2-6 Sep

2013 Winner Love Your TreeDate: Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 6th September
Open: 10 am – 2 pm Tuesday to Friday inclusive

Entry is Free

Using the tree as a metaphor for the body, exhibiting artist’s explore ideas which support positive responses to body image.

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Women’s Health and Family Services (formerly WOMEN’S Healthworks) is proud to announce the Love Your Tree Exhibition for 2014. This year’s campaign and exhibition has been generously funded by the City Of Joondalup.

The Exhibition will run until Friday 5th September, to coincide with National Body Image Awareness Week.

The Love Your Tree (LYT) program is an arts-based, public health intervention which aims to promote ways of developing positive body image messages through art. People are encouraged to submit a piece of original art (medium of their choosing) responding to the statement “Like a tree, my body is…” The aim of the program is to challenge the narrow definitions of beauty within our society and to encourage the exploration of body diversity and positive body image through the creation of art using the powerful symbol of a tree, which has been used as an international symbol for the body throughout history and across cultures.

Over the past 5 months, Love Your Tree has invited artists to create an artwork in response to the statement; ‘Like a tree, my body is…’ examples may include ‘Like a tree, my body is beautiful…’ or ‘Like a tree, my body is unique’.

Love Your Tree has been able to provide numerous facilitated workshops to groups, schools and agencies in the metro area with all art materials free of charge. A number of individuals have also submitted work independently.

The Program aims to promote positive body image and challenge society’s narrow definition of ‘beauty’ through the medium of art, giving people an opportunity to express themselves creatively on this subject matter.

Body image awareness is an issue which is becoming increasingly relevant in today’s society. The playwright Eve Ensler used the image of a tree in her one-woman play, “The Good Body”, to challenge society’s narrow definition of beauty and to invite an appreciation for the natural diversity in body shapes and sizes.

Also at the exhibition opening will be special guests JJ Face and Body Art with their models bodypainted as trees, inspired by the artwork.Body Painting
We will have the wonderful body painters and models from JJ Face & Body Art creating fantastic human trees! For further information contact Rebecca by emailing or call Women’s Health and Family Services on 9300 1566.
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