Yey Sussurus – 30 Jun to 18 Jul

Yey Sussurus
Viewings Tue-Sat 10am-2pm

The title comes from the Noongar word, yey, meaning now or today, and the English word susurrus, which means to whisper or murmur, as the wind whispers through long grass. These words, put together in this way, are a call to listen carefully, to the murmurings of the present time. They are suggestive of lost or hidden languages, incantations, sacred stories, lore, prayers, lullabies, and lover’s exchanges; all told in undertones, yet are nonetheless powerful and resonant messages. In the way that a seashell softly sings of the sea, artists tell of the Now.

Yey Sussurus is exhibited as part of the City of Joondalup’s NAIDOC week celebrations and features artworks by female indigenous artists who are working in innovative or daring ways or playing with traditional art forms or crafts, or extending their practise in new and experimental ways. The exhibition celebrates Indigenous Culture across Australia bringing together work from artists based in Tasmania, Queensland, Sydney as well as locally.

Featured Artists
Barbara BYNDER – Charmaine GREEN – Deborah BONAR – Janine MCAULLAY‑BOTT – Jenny FRASER – Julie GOUGH – Marlene HAROLD – Naomi GRANT – Ningie NANGALA – Patsy MUDJIDELL – Tjemma NAPANANGKA – Sandra HILL – Sharyn EGAN – Simone PENNY