Pencil, Print and Prose – 12-23 Nov

Collaborative Exhibition
12th – 23rd November
The exhibition is open for viewing Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.

Artists (clockwise from top left):

  • Leslie Le Grove
  • Hettie Rowley
  • Jane Ziemons
  • Val Shaw

Official Opening – Friday 15 November 7pm
Artist Development Talk – Wednesday 20 November 7pm

Works include print making, drawing, poetry, prose, wire work, sewing, found objects, collage and a mixture of alternate and traditional media.

The “Pencil, Print and Prose Exhibition” is a collaborative exhibition showcasing the work of four artists who all originate from different parts of the world, but have now chosen to make Australia their home. Collaboration requires artists who can work together through dialogue and discussion, who have similar interests and a shared commitment to excellence. Participating artists: Lesley Le Grove comes from New Zealand, Hettie Rowley from South Africa, Val Shaw from Zimbabwe and Jane Ziemons from Scotland.

This melting pot of different cultures and experiences comes together under the umbrella title of “Pencil, Print and Prose”. Decisions were made collectively to disregard commercial pressures or develop artworks with reference to popular images and themes. Instead the artists focused on concepts arising from their own personal experiences and histories. Individual responses and approaches are evident as each artist reviewed the essence of the exhibition title, and thereafter formulated their own sub titles in support of personal concepts ideas and use of media. Each artist has created their own installation space within the gallery.

Lesley Le Grove – “Fashion Changes Us”
Hettie Rowley – “Little Deaths and Other Secrets”
Val Shaw – “A State of Being”
Jane Ziemons – “Listening”

Unwittingly areas of common interest have emerged in all bodies of work such as the passing of time and the ongoing journey, presenting a tenuous link from one installation to the next. This exhibition strongly reflects the complexity of the human mind. Four artists from different countries, when given the same directive, present work of such material diversity yet common threads link trains of thought and areas of collective interest.

On Wednesday 20th November at 7 pm “Arts in Focus” from the City of Joondalup will be holding an Artists Development Talk at which the participating artists will answer questions relating their art practice. All welcome.