Elemental Soul – 26-30 Nov

Joint Exhibition by Matthew Dennis and Claudia Webb

26th – 30th November
Viewing Tuesdays to Fridays 10am to 2pm

This exhibition showcases the works of both artists. It includes 3 dimensional pieces, paintings and drawings.

[su_spoiler title=”Matthew Dennis (click here to display his biography)” style=”fancy”]Matthew Dennis was born in Margaret River and spent his childhood travelling around Australia returning to the region in 1984. In 1991 he completed his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker, wood machinist and master craftsman at the world-renowned Boranup Gallery specializing in fine timber masterpieces made from marri, jarrah and sheoak, types of wood exclusive to the South West of Western Australia.

Matt went on to develop his own style of artistic expression using found objects, recycling steel, timber (driftwood) and glass to create sculptures that tell stories of fishing and piracy folklore. His piece entitled Aqua Ride Creations is an example of this work which combines his love for riding his Harley Davidson with his love for surfing.

In the early 1990’s Matthew travelled and worked around Australia and its islands developing a close bond with the traditional elders of the top end of Australia. He also worked with Robin Waldeck, the holder of one of Australia’s rarest shellfish licences and the last in the world to wild harvest the fluted clam (T. Squamosa) shell which is now endangered. This experience gave rise to his unique view of the beauty of Australia, its inhabitants, its bush and its oceans and his keen interest in their continued protection.

A direct descendant of Frederick Waldeck who arrived in Perth on the first fleet, Matt has a special attachment to the heritage and history of the first colony as well as a deep respect for the original inhabitants and traditional owners. Matt spent many years as a mobile plant operator in the mining construction industry in the Pilbara and occasionally produced one-off pieces during his time off. In 2012 Matt left the mining and fishing industries and returned to his creative passion developing unique one-off creations that speak for themselves.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Claudia Webb (click here to display her biography)” style=”fancy”]Claudia Webb was born in Perth. In early life she resided near the Upper Swan area. She loved being near the bush and enjoyed the semi rural surroundings. In her youth, holidays were spent in Albany and other South West regions and she travelled to many other areas of Western Australia. She spent her teen years in the Joondalup and Wanneroo area and developed an affinity for the region. She now resides there. Seeing and spending time in most areas of WA has given Claudia a love and respect for her homeland. She has 7 generations of family roots that create a bond to Western Australia that she expresses in her art.

Claudia’s maternal grandfather was an artist and sign writer, who designed a silkscreen process in the 1950’s, which he brought with him to WA when he emigrated from the UK. Her grandmother was very good at tapestries and textiles. Her paternal grandmother was a skilled craftswoman, florist, dressmaker, and cake decorator. Claudia spent a great deal of time with her grandmother and was fascinated to learn everything she could from her. She loved designing and making clothes together with her. Claudia has fond childhood memories of watching her mother paint china.

These influences combined with Claudia’s inquisitive mind and active imagination allows her to create in a diverse range of disciplines and skills using different media. Claudia’s first love was ceramics, with the tactile sensation of the clay in her hands as she formed a functional piece of beauty. She then went on to sketching and became skilled in portraiture, life drawing, and an interest in drawing hands, which are featured in many of her works.

Later in life, through adult education at TAFE and university, Claudia learnt that she had an interest in painting and a real talent for textile art. Claudia was asked to be part of the creation of a mural which was a combined project between the Lorikeet Club House and Marr Mooditj in which her ability to paint hands was specifically required. The hands are a prominent aspect of her art including using them as a brush. Claudia loves to create with her hands. She finds the feel of the medium through her fingers cathartic and that it gives her a sense of her creation being a true extension of herself.[/su_spoiler]

Below are samples of the work of both artists. Click on any image to launch the full-screen carousel viewer.