Discarded – an Exhibition by Angela Wolyniec – 21-25 Oct

Angela Wolyniec 186OPENING: Monday 21 October 7–9pm


  • Monday evening 21 Oct 7-9pm (opening night)
  • Daily 10am-2pm Tuesday 22 Oct to Friday 25 Oct
  • Friday evening 25 Oct 6-8pm
Angela Wolyniec

Angela Wolyniec

Discarded is an exhibition based entirely on conceptual work. I use the inter-relationship of today’s mass-produced commodities, when discarded into nature, transforming our environment into a construction field, nature’s beauty lost and forgotten. Society has embraced the era of technological advances such as social networking and visual entertainment. I am inspired by close up photographs of nature which reveal its hidden beauty, an aspect that today’s society often takes for granted. Using the photographs as inspiration, I reinvent and manipulate images and found commodities from nature, to create abstract paintings and installation work using a wide range of mixed media. This process integrates the concept relating to mass production and the environment, by bringing both components together into a gallery space giving the observer a chance to interact with the pieces and be a part of the experience.

Angie has invited artist Jill Bell to exhibit a few of her “glass” artworks as her concepts closely mirrors Angie’s relating to discards.

Below are images of some of works in this exhibition. Click on any image to launch the full-screen carousel viewer.