Lindsay Harris 8-20 July

Exhibition ‘Ngaaditj Boodja (Salt Country)‘and other works by Lindsay Harris

Karret (Half-Way)The focus of this haunting body of work is the legacy of devastation that clearing of the land and its subsequent salt encroachment has had on Lindsay’s land in and around the wheatbelt town of Kwolyin.

Opening: 5.00pm, Monday 8 July
Viewing (free entry):
  9 July – 20 July
   Monday to Thursday 11am – 3pm
   Friday 11am – 7pm
   Saturday 10am – 2pm

Lindsay HarrisLindsay Harris

“I am a Nyoongar artist and my interest has always been finding ways of representing my lands. I see through my eyes which invoke memories of Kwolyin in the central wheat belt of Western Australia and the surrounding districts where I once lived. As a Noongar I have and I share in a special relationship to the country of my forebears. Overarching this relationship is the respect for my country and my involvement in its care and representation.

“When making my art, I introduce both memories and images of granite rocks, tracks and salt lakes. The bold brush strokes in my paintings hide an underlying current of past tensions experienced by my people and their lands. I paint using resin which gives me a feeling of marking and being connected to the land. I like to compare the markings I make to the tracks and paths that have criss-crossed my land since ancient times. I feel that my art has to give a sense of intimacy and connection to my boodja (land).

“Through my painting I invite people to go on a journey back to my land and see and understand it as I see it. My main endeavour is to help people make sense of the aesthetics of my land through utilising pigments, clay and natural resins of what is contained in my jam tree country.”

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Lindsay Harris is represented by emerge ART SPACE. The City of Joondalup would like to thank emerge ART SPACE for loaning his work for this exhibition.

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