MURAL CONCEPTS Exhibition – 28 May to 7 June

MURAL CONCEPTS – Solo Exhibition by Jon Ismailovski

Jon’s exhibition relates to the concept and production of the Eddystone mural commissioned by the City of Joondalup. The mural is located on Eddystone Avenue on the right hand side, just before you proceed over the Mitchell Freeway towards Joondalup Drive.

28 May – 7 June
Open for viewing Tuesday to Friday 10am – 2pm
Official Opening: Wednesday 29 May at 7 pm – ALL WELCOME


  • FRIDAY 31 MAY 10am – 12pm
  • WEDNESDAY 5 June 7pm –

On both of these occasions Jon will discuss his art practice followed by a discussion and question and answer session. Refreshments ALL WELCOME. Gold Coin Donation.

“I am an artist with a strong focus on illustration and character design. My style is heavily influenced by the cartoons of the 1940’s and contemporary cartoonists. The composition of my pieces could best be described as ‘organised chaos’ as I tend to mix many elements into one coherent piece, often built over an underlying image or shape.

“My favourite medium is ink and paper, either as standalones or as a base for a digital finish. I am slowly moving towards more traditional mediums such as paint and watercolours however I always feel most comfortable with a simple pen or pencil in hand.”

Eddystone Mural Overview:

The Eddystone Mural was inspired by artwork created by a class of year fives at Eddystone Primary School. We listed forty or so animals on the board, wrote them down on paper and then put them all into the hat. Each kid then proceeded to draw two animals from the hat at random which they then used to splice together into their own animal. The creations ranged from meercat-scorpions to wold-turtles to unicorn-dolphins. I then re-interpreted the children’s drawings into my own style and used them to create the mural.

This is a great exhibition – not to be missed – a GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR CHILDREN

Below are photos of the mural and art created by the kids. Click on any image to launch the full-screen carousel viewer.