Brief Moments Of Sanity – Exhibition 15-28 Sep

Brief Moments of Sanity
15-28 September 2013
Official opening: 2pm Sun 15 Sep

Brief Moments of Sanity features two artists (Renata Wright and Harry Davies) painting about similar big themes: life; love; conflict; sex; morning tea; bereavement; aspirations; afternoon tea; and religion.

As part of the exhibition the artists experimented to see just how much their artworks would differ if they painted from the same source material. To this end they chose a song — one song (that they both liked, and had a bit of meaning for them) and then they both produced a painting inspired by the song. To further the experiment they approached several musicians to come up with one piece of music (each) based on the two paintings. The music and paintings will be revealed at the exhibition, making this exhibition a little bit different to others.

Renata WrightRenata Wright is an Australian born artist with an individual style developed over years of experimenting with different art media. She uses watercolours or acrylics depending on her subject and mood at the time, although watercolour is her first love. Renata focuses on colour, contrast, and most importantly – emotion – in her paintings, to encourage the viewer to stop for a moment and reflect on similar emotions in their own life.

For this exhibition Renata has put together a group of abstract and semi-abstract contemporary watercolour paintings, none of which resemble traditional watercolour art but all of which have their own personal meaning and interpretation of emotions that many of us experience in life.

Harry DaviesHarry Davies draws and paints stuff, and occasionally he lets other people look at it (the artwork that is). Whilst being overlooked by all the major art institutions Harry’s paintings are avidly collected by a loyal fan-base in the north of England (sorry, that should read by a loyal fan, based in the north of England… and we’re not altogether sure about the quality of her eyesight). Harry’s style of painting is most commonly described as: unique; challenging; borderline poor; wtf?; developing; better from a distance. The most frequently asked question that gets put to him is: ‘Just what is going on inside your head?’ Which is where the idea for this exhibition came from.

Below are samples of the art on show in this exhibition. Click on any image to launch the full-screen carousel viewer.