INFINITE Dreams – Exhibition by Will Huntley – 13-18 May

Infinite Dreams

  • Monday 13 May: 8pm -10pm
  • Tuesday 14 May: 10am-2pm and 7-10pm
  • Wednesday 15 May: 10am-2pm and 6-11pm (Opening night)
  • Thursday 16 May: 10am-2pm and 6-10pm
  • Friday 17 May: 10am-2pm and 6-11pm

Infinite Dreams is a body of work that consists of original, abstract, (sometimes textural), mixed media paintings.

Will Huntley (1968, Colfax, Washington, United States) creates mixed media artworks and sculptures.

“Unlike many other painters, I have a background in realistic, figurative sculpture, film creature special effects, and industrial design. Even though I teach drawing and sculpture, I did not try my hand at painting, seriously, until late last year.

“With the method I have chosen, there is certain design and sculptural aspects to it that separates my works from my contemporaries. Each piece is finished with a hard, durable, and sometimes textural, finish. This allows the owner, the luxury of actually being able to “touch” each piece. Being a very tactile person I always found it very frustrating that I wasn’t allowed to touch artworks in the museums and galleries. So I set out to create a body of work that you could not only put your hands on but you were encouraged to do so.”

Will Huntley currently works for Kirkside Products, The West Australian Academy for Performing Arts and lives, with his wife and two boys, in Perth, Western Australia.

Below are samples of Will Huntley’s works. Click on any image to launch the full-screen carousel viewer.