Exploration 26 Feb – 1 Mar



Boris Poznovia

Architect & Photographer

Boris Poznovia Boris Poznovia2 Boris Poznovia3

 The core of my current work is concerned with expanding the boundaries of Architecture, the art sphere I’m immersed in daily. Although based in the architectural tradition of space, functionality, views as well as spacial form, my exploration of the photography just as in a painting language can lead at times to working with same view, 3d object or subject at different times. Processes of photography just as architecture can exist in revelations of everyday objects, building envelopes, installations, performance and events. I’m experimenting with sourcing inspiration for composition and style from  painting or architectural styles.

I am interested in the capabilities of photography, from a colour photo to a desatured, partial black & white images. The layers, physical and illusional, the way reflections and depth of field can be solidified and frozen in time or views framed. My subjects range from, buildings that I worked on as an Architect to nature, patterns, abstract forms to spaces between buildings that take on a function and feeling of their own. Some photos take root in the everyday subject that many move away from, layers of complex shapes creating a sense of visual, and physical depth.”

The exhibition will run from the 26st of February to the 1st of March.

Gallery times: 10am to 2pm Tuesdays to Fridays.

Opening night: 25 February