Stefanie O’Connor 18 – 24 Feb

le femme

Stefanie O’Connor

Exhibition: 18 – 24 February 2013 

Opening Night: 18 February at 7pm

This exhibition is all about the female.
I had envisaged a woman in my mind that I wanted to portray in my works; a woman who boasts power and sass and encompasses an intriguing energy.

 I wanted to explore different styles and build that vigour in my pieces that would leave the subject bold and enchanting.

My first series of works was the ‘Cheeky Children’ series. These pieces I created were more of a study of portraiture and an exploration of detail in the lead up to my ‘Vogue’ series. I used simple colours and exaggerated expressions to evoke a happiness and portray the innocence of the subject. I think the viewer can really connect to this series and find the characters created in each piece recognisable in some way.

The second series I created was the ‘Vogue’ series.
This series is all about the confrontation of a strong woman. The subject in all these works is staring straight at the viewer and maintains a compelling pose that almost intimidates the viewer. I used splashes of bold colours in these works to add that striking element to compliment the expression of the woman. These works are by far my most contemporary and touch on a pop art style in particular pieces.

The third series I began stemmed from a long interest in portraying the female figure. ‘Effeminate’ aims at exploring the peacefulness and beauty of a woman’s form even in its most vulnerable state. I used deep colours to encourage mood and a solitary environment in each painting. These works show the quiet strength of the woman and the sole power of the female figure in even an empty space. I felt most connected to this series.

My most recent series is the ‘Up for Air’ series. These works evoke a fun and vivacious style using bright colours and bold detail. I most enjoyed creating this series and experimenting with the illusions of light and the waters reflections on the figure. While my most challenging, these pieces pushed me to explore different themes and various styles of the ‘woman’ in a contrasting theme. I think the element of water still encourages a calm atmosphere, and, while such bright hues have been used, still evokes a harmonious scene for the viewer to observe.

My use of the masculine article ‘Le’ when referring to a female noun shows the quiet strength of the woman portrayed in these works, and matches the overall theme of this exhibition.