Brave Art 19 – 25th November

Brave Art at the Blend(er) Gallery

The City of Joondalup and West Coast Institute of Training have collaborated to present an exhibition of young people with disabilities artwork @ the Blender. The work includes West Coast Institute’s Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE) students work as well as other young artists with disabilities from within the community.

The exhibition is entitled Brave Art.

Brave Art is young people with different abilities sharing their vision and creativity with the wider community. Brave because against a sea of challenges, these young artists dare to express their identity and create without prejudice, judgment, self-consciousness or fear; with the gift of an open heart.

West Coast Institute students have written and illustrated an intriguing and unique story entitled ‘The End of Time’. It is a parable about the end of the world, as we know it, a science-fiction fantasy full of action heroes, monsters and explosions with a very important message for today’s world. It is a tale of a planet, a community of people at a cross roads in history; faced with the choice of either working together to create a better world, or descending into darkness and chaos.

A small amount of illustrated booklets of ‘The End of Time’ will be for sale (donation) at the opening. Funds collected will be donated to the Blend(er) gallery to facilitate future art workshops for people with disabilities.

Let these young artists and their battles dare us to dream of a ‘Brave New World’, and let their strength and courage inspire us to be brave enough to create it!

West Coast Institute of Training and the City of Joondalup are committed to working with young people with disabilities to build a stronger, more inclusive community.

Cheryl Fisher, youth worker on the Mobile Outreach Bus from the City of Joondalup has organised for other young artists with disabilities, within the community to also be exhibiting in Brave Art. 

The gallery will be open extra hours for this exhibition from 2pm to 5pm Tuesday to Friday and there may be opportunity to meet some of the artists who will be helping to mind the gallery at these times.