Venus in Bohemia 11 – 15 September

Join us for the opening on Tuesday 11th September  at 7pm.

Refreshments and canapes will be provided


Belinda 0403 060 28

Penny 0418 922 437


My inspiration for finally displaying some of my works is derived from images seen over the past 40 years from a connection to different cultures and places especially from a distant time!

I love colour and passion that lies behind eyes and costume.

Some images are solely from my imagination and dreaming of far away galaxies and the essence of what may lie in out outer world.

The Contrast of the Paintings depicts the grounded stance of the human character and the bigger picture of the greater universe.

Belinda Greenham


In essence for myself …this exhibition is an extension of my last shows….called “The Goddess Speaks”  and Original Feminie……..

My work has always been female orientated and I am influenced by the feminine form, beautiful curves, softness , colour, expression, and try to celebrate this in my artwork..

Origin, culture and geographical time factor influences women in different ways…

VENUS in bohemia  is an exhibition about the different facets and layers of women…not only the surface………

Her youth, love, pain, culture,  friendship, fashion, seduction,  ethnicity, reflection, body image, profession, play, humility, poetry, art, through my eyes…

Penelope Dichiera