Newsletter July/August

Dear JCAA Members

I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful warm sunshine after the much needed rain.

The following outlines dates and activities in the gallery for your convenience.

Friday morning tea followed by a talk by Jane Graham. She will be talking about her ideas and concepts relating to her exhibition “Black Out” which will be on in the gallery from next Tuesday 14th to Friday 24th August. See images on the website
This is a very interesting exhibition to include installations etc. ALL WELCOME

JCAA MEMBERS “SPRING EXHIBITION” Wednesday 26th September – Friday 19th October
Monday 24th September – Artwork Drop off between 6 and 7 pm
Tuesday 25th September – Installation of artworks.
Friday 28th September- 7 pm – Official Opening. (Participants please to bring a plate of snacks)
Friday 19th October – Artwork Pick Up 12 midday – 4 pm.
Entry Forms to be sent in the near future.

“CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA” Wednesday 28th November- Friday 21st December.
Opening: Friday 30th November 7 pm. ( Participants please to bring a plate of snacks)
Spaces: Allocated on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.
Available Space: Approximately 42 X I meter wall spaces as per last year. 4/5 tables
Opening Date for Booking: Tuesday 11th September 2012 from 10 am onwards until spaces are all booked out.
Cost per Entrant: $30.00 per one meter wall space and $30.00 per table.
Price of Art/Craft Works: Nothing to exceed $250.00
Installation: Tuesday 27th November 2012. Participants must be willing to be involved with hanging their own works with the help of gallery staff/ hanging committee. If participants are unavailable during the day, they must make an arrangement to hang later in the day.
Attendants for Exhibition: Participants will be asked to sign up for sitting the exhibition as we would like the exhibition open during the night markets.
Further information will be sent nearer the time. We are hoping to make this an annual exhibition, promote the exhibition widely and well, and get known for our exciting, diverse exhibition, with affordable arts and crafts suitable for Christmas presents.

WORKSHOPS – Workshops by Judy Rogers, Renata Wright and Hettie Rowley are ongoing.

DRAWING WORKSHOP: Anybody interested in a drawing workshop or mixed media workshop please contact Val Shaw for further information.

Hope to see you next week Friday for the tea and talk.

Warm Regards to you all.

Val Shaw