Summary of 2011

6-18 December 2011

‘Christmas Art Mart Extravaganza’

JCAA Members’ Exhibition. Quality artworks and arts & crafts under $250.

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Fri 6-9pm, Wed, Thu, Sat 7-9pm.

 22 November – 3 December 2011

‘Silent Witness’ Ros Charron Solo Exhibition

‘I am inspired by seemingly insignificant moments of quiet observation. I watch transfixed as raindrops fall on a window scattering light on a stormy winter’s day. A feather hovers weightless on the water and dances around as it floats down the stream. An early morning walk reveals an armada of snails continuing their nocturnal feast of my veggie patch. The act of folding origami figures becomes a quiet meditation. My works include paintings, paper installations and a mobile of 1000 folded paper cranes.’ Previews from 22nd to 25th inclusive. Official Opening Saturday 26th Nov. From 6.00pm-9.00pm. Exhibition then continues as stated. The artist will be in residence Tuesday to Fridays.

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, 6-9pm Fri and Sat

15-20 November 2011

Kinross College Exhibition

Year 12 student show.

Open: Tue Fri 10am-2pm

 14 October 2011, 7PM


Joondalup Community Arts Association Annual General Meeting


11 – 23 October 2011

‘Spring Show’

JCAA Members’ Exhibition official opening Fri 14 Oct, 6.30pm.

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

Fri 30 Sept 2011

Friday Social

Guest speaker: Chris Bruce Manager of Joondalup Jacksons’. New materials, new methods, hands on demeo. Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Gold coin donation


 27 Sept – 4 Oct 2011

YouthPix Photo Exhibition

YouthPix was an eight week photography course for 12-18 yr olds with an interest in learning the basics in photography that has culminated in a small exhibition to showcase to friends, family and the general public what they’ve learnt.

Open: Mon-Fri 10am-2pm

13 – 18 Sept 2011

Kingsley & Treetop Montessori School Year 12

Student Exhibition

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm

30 Aug – 11 Sept 2011

‘The Southern Experience’

Albany artist Cynthia Orr’s solo show draws on the vastness and abundance of Southern WA, using colour to excite and invite the senses and emotion. Cynthia Orr is a name becoming known and synonymous with exquisite and varied works of art. She has a love of the Great Southern, with it’s diverse natural beauty from mountain ranges, rain forests, tranquil rivers and inlets, rugged coastline, pristine beaches, natural harbours as well as picturesque farming country, just to mention a droplet of the richness explored through her art.

Being self taught, Cynthia has pushed the parameters of the expected with her adventurous spirit having given deliverance to a wide variety of artworks where each of her exhibitions have carried great excitement and interest drawing many previous lovers of her art as well as new would be clientele with 5 solo exhibitions and in excess of 10 group showings under her belt.

Her up and coming exhibition “The Southern Experience”, promises to impress bringing with it “a breath of fresh air” straight from the South West.

Oil paintings.

Open: Wed-Sat 10am-2pm and 7-9pm, Tue 10am-2pm

 Fri 26 Aug 2011

Friday Social

Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Gold coin donation


 2-14 August 2011


Exhibition of photographs by Anil Kumar and paintings by Jane Graham. Jane has travelled in India off and on over the last three years, some of the time with

photographer and tour leader, Anil Kumar. The “Reincarnation” exhibition will show, not only Jane’s paintings inspired by her travels, but also some of Anil’s evocative photographs showing various aspects of contemporary life and culture in India.

SNACK LUNCH celebrating the launch and close of ‘REINCARNATION’ Exhibition Friday, 12 August, 2011. Noon – 2 pm. All are welcome!

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

 Fri 29 July 2011

Friday Social

Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Gold coin donation


4-30 July 2011

Connections: Land and People NAIDOC Celebrations

City of Joondalup exhibition, workshops and events. Featuring a survey of contemporary artworks by Western Australian Indigenous artists, Connections: Land and People explores the deep connection that Nyungar peoples have to Country.

The Joondalup region is part of Mooro Country and it is an important place for Indigenous people. Mooro Country’s rich cultural significance and abundant plant and animal life are explored in this exhibition. Through their artwork, artists share their stories of country and the natural environment, specifically exploring flora and fauna.

With reference to the City’s recent publication, ‘Plants and People in Mooro Country- Nyungar Plant Use in Yellagonga Regional Park’, the artwork is accompanied by information about the natural environment of Mooro Country and Indigenous plant use.

Open: Tue-=Sat 10am-2pm, Fri 7-9pm

 Fri 24 June 2011

Friday Social and Artist Development Talks

Renowned West Australian sculptor, Albie Herbert, has been represented by Gomboc Gallery for nearly 30 years. Tapping into this wealth of experience, Albie will give insight into professional artistic development and commercial gallery representation.

Fresh from winning the inaugural Mid West Art Prize, Elisa Markes-Young will discuss her artistic journey and arts practice. In her work Elisa uses mostly natural fibres, textiles, techniques and skills that are – at least in cultures of European origin – traditionally attributed to the female field of experience. City of Joondalup – Past Acquisitions workshops and events. No pre-booking is required. Further information available at or call 9400 4705


 2 – 25 June 2011

City of Joondalup – Past Acquisitions

Since its inception in 1998, the City of Joondalup has forged a reputation for the support of contemporary WA art and artists through a strong visual arts program. This exhibition, run in conjunction with the Community Art Exhibition at Lakeside, features a selection of artworks from the City’s Art Collection.

It highlights the importance of supporting local artists and showcases how their work has helped shape the City’s Art Collection to date. A number of works not able to be included in the exhibition are on display in the City’s Administration Building, the Civic Chambers and the Joondalup Library.

Free talks featuring a selection of local artists and arts industry professionals will take place at the blend(er) gallery. Come and get an insight into the minds of artists by joining them in a discussion about their work and others’.

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm; Sat 2-5pm

Fri 17 June 2011

Artist Development Talks

City of Joondalup – Past Acquisitions workshops and events. No pre-booking is required. Further information available at or call 9400 4705


 Fri 27 May 2011

Friday Social

Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Speaker: Chris Bruce Jacksons Drawing Supplies Joondalup. Gold coin donation


 18-29 May 2011

‘Winter Show’

JCAA Members’ Exhibition

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

Wed 27 April 2011

JCAA General Meeting

At the blend(er) gallery


Fri 29 April 2011

Friday Social

Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Guest speaker: Amanda Alderson Curator City of Joondalup. Topics: City of Joondalup Community Art Award 2011 and future programs in the city.

Gold coin donation.


12 April – 15 May 2011

Working Studio, Artist in Residence

Jarmila Vagner, Annette Peterson

You can find every week a different artist working in the blend(er) gallery. Come and see how the creative process leads to a visual artwork. Artists and artworks from a wide range of disciplines, including painting, photography, drawing, installation and new media on show. The public have the opportunity to engage with visual artists through this program. Please find details on this program on

25 April-7 May

Annette Peterson Paintings

I always enjoyed art in school and then studied TEE art. In year 12, I studied the Australian and French Impressionist artists as well as Dadaism and Surrealism. My medium was painting and was basic. The legacy however, was that the Impressionists had left a mark on me and my view of art.

I enrolled in Art at university but withdrew before semester began, thinking that I didn’t have much of a future in the art world. I exchanged this for a degree in Psychology.

I moved to Port Hedland in 2000, and worked as a childcare co-coordinator. I loved creating pieces with children and teaching children about colour and various mediums to help develop their understanding and appreciation of art.

I worked as a journalist in 2003 and taking photos to the stories that I wrote, I began to enjoy the photography as a hobby. I noticed that my appreciation for the Pilbara landscape was beginning to emerge, and won a few minor photography awards.

I began to use acrylic and oil paints on canvas in May 2007 with local artist and teacher David Hooper. Three months later I won ‘Best Painting by A Pilbara Artist’ in the 2007 Hedland Art Awards for my piece ‘Six Stories’.

By the end of 2007, I produced six paintings in two months for a joint exhibition, ‘Old Bodies’. My favourite one was a monochrome image of an old Holden. I was also commissioned to paint a picture for a friend, called “Once Upon a Time, of yet another Holden. All have since sold, but I have prints of these cars and other favourites available for sale.

In 2008, I painted more of the Pilbara landscape, and won another award at the 2008 Hedland Art Awards for ‘Best Painting’. A photography development initiative by BHP in the same year allowed me to get plenty of images of the Pilbara and my creativity blossomed.

In 2009, I had a joint exhibition with David Hooper called ‘Water’s Edge,’ where the focus was on the people in the Pilbara and the connection to water. It was hard to comprehend that only two years earlier I was just picking up a paint brush and then I was exhibiting with my art teacher!

Later that year, workshops with WA artists Larry Mitchell, Cedric Baxter and Jo Darbyshire were priceless experiences that will say with my art forever. I won the ‘Encouragement Award’ in 2009 for the Hedland Art awards.

My outback experience ended last year when I finally returned to Perth. I have noticed that the Pilbara is still in my blood and you can see from the recent paintings that it continues to impact me. Last year I tackled a few portraits, and I am ready to focus on a new direction. While being the artist in residence at the blend(er), you will see me painting and preparing for my next collection.

Open: Tue-Sun 10am-2pm

11-24 April

Jarmila Vagner Mixed Media Works

JOONDALUP mixed media artist Jarmila Vagner will have her first solo exhibition at the blend(er) gallery this month, from the 11th to the 17th of April.

Jarmila was born in the Czech Republic, where she completed Technical College in Fashion and Design. She migrated to Australia with her family in 1982 and worked in the fashion industry for more than 30years.

Recently Jarmila has transitioned her passion and skills for fashion and textile to mixed media. She produces original canvasses incorporating fabrics, textiles and many accessories such as metal pieces, jewellery and artificial flowers to create one-off Mixed Media pieces.

“I often get an image that develops in my mind. My creations originate from small everyday objects. For example, a set of keys is transformed into my piece ‘Unchain My Heart’, where I expressed someone’s desire for their heart to be unlocked through love. I enjoy the process of taking these ideas I get, building on them and developing them into concepts to create one-off pieces that strike a chord with people.”

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Thu-Sat 7-9pm

9 March – 3 April 2011

‘art festival’ Exhibition

JCAA Member’s Exhibition. The show is open during the Joondalup Festival weekend and we are expecting a record number of visitors in the gallery.

Open: Tue – Fri 10am – 2pm, Wed – Sun 7-9pm, during Festival weekend, 26-27 March 12-9pm

Fri 25 March 2011

Friday Social

Come and meet our artists and have a morning tea in the blend(er) gallery. Gold coin donation


8 – 28 February 2011

‘Red Hot’ Collaborative Show

This 3 week long collaborative exhibition is showcasing 14 artists in different mediums.


Mixed Media: Jarmila Vagner, Marilyn Hamilton

Painting: Susie Logue, Hardeep Singh, Patrick Lambert, Fran Koenig, Kara Kachinski, Renate Wright, Darron Darling, Patricia Stevens, Ken Green

Photography: Robert Bayer, Ingrid Merrett, Barbara Wilk

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Thu-Fri-Sat 7-9pm

Official opening: Friday 11 Feb, 7-9pm.