Summary of 2009

8 – 20 Dec 2009

‘Christmas Show’ JCAA Member’s Exhibition.
The Joondalup Community Arts Association Members’ Show. More the 40 local artists created this show. Paintings, drawings, prints, textiles and sculptures make this exhibition a feast for the eye and a good opportunity to buy presents. Please take this great occasion to come along and show your support, and to see what our community art gallery is all about. Come and celebrate the Festive Season with the Joondalup Community Arts Association Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sun 6-9pm.

1 – 6 Dec 2009

Kinross College Art Exhibition 2009
A selection of student work created at Kinross College in 2009. There will be range of abstract paintings, ceramic figures and vessels and Wearable Art pieces. Come and see how the young people of today express themselves through Art. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm.

17 – 29 Nov 2009

‘Beneath the Surface’ Exhibition by Ros Charron and Judy Rogers

Collaboration between Ros Charron and Judy Rogers. Acrilyc and mixed media paintings
The waterscapes that are presented in this exhibition have nothing to do with realistic representation even though there is some visual reference to nature. The water in the paintings is a metaphor for the mind. These paintings are intended to be an exploration of the subconscious and mental perceptions and what part these play in our everyday life and interactions with the external world.
Ros wrote: ‘The new pictures are sort of whimsical. One painting has a large elephant at the bottom of the pond in the background , with a girl swimming blissfully ignorant of the elephant’s presence… and the title? No prize for guessing it…” Ignoring the Elephant within! ” I am interested in how we perceive things and to what extent we judge things we come in contact with by social conditioning.’
Artist talk: Saturday 21 Nov 3pm. Come and meet the artists. This exhibition is sponsored by Blue Lizard Gallery, Joondalup. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 6-9pm.

3 – 15 Nov 2009

‘Reconnection’ Sean Conway Solo Exhibition

Echoes of moments passed’ An exhibition of new works by Sean Conway
My journey as an artist continues to explore themes of transformation… and as how things change on different levels – evolve, grow, decay, disappear and regenerate or are reborn.
The people, events and things that are important to us all, the emotions felt and shared at different times of our lives – these are reflected in the colours, shapes/patterns, textures and natural forms used in my work.
A conscious effort is made to reflect on the creative wonders and beauty of our world rather than the opposites.
The memories recalled of what has passed, is witnessed and experienced directly, the music that resonates with me during the creative processes – all continue to inspire different ways of sharing personal experience through my work. Enjoy.
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm.

30 Oct 2009, 9.30-1.30am

Tour for JCAA Members of the City of Joondalup 2009 Invitation Art Award

Meet at the blend(er) gallery before proceeding to Lakeside Joondalup Shopping CityThe City of Joondalup extends an invitation to members of the Joondalup Community Arts Association to take part in a tour of the Invitation Art Award. This prestigious exhibition will be held at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City from 15 October – 31 October 2009.
The exhibition contains artworks by 35 well-known Western Australian contemporary artists who have been selected to enter the award. The award is acquisitive and offers a prize of $12,500 to the winning artist.
Artworks in a variety of media, such as photography, works on paper, painting, sculpture and multi-media will be represented.
A tour of the exhibition, led by City of Joondalup Curator, Robert Cleworth, will give members an opportunity to examine and discuss the work of some of Western Australia’s most important practicing artists.
With numbers limited to 15, it is recommended that members register their interest as soon as possible.
Morning tea will be held at the blend(er) gallery following the tour.
Additional information is available on the City of Joondalup Website:

TO REGISTER, CONTACT: Rob Cleworth Curator
City of Joondalup Ph: 08 9400 4951

27 Oct – 1 Nov 2009

‘Wot Th’ Linda King Solo Exhibition

Oil paintings. Inspiration came from a photo of an emu with such a quizzical (wot th’) expression that I found was such fun to paint and capture it’s essence. A friend loved it and bought it so I painted another for myself and then another in different colours. I love colour and played with combinations for background and feathers, it was such fun I kept going with the view to find a place large enough to hang them all together – initially for my own entertainment. I love that all these paintings can be so different yet from the same photo, each one with a unique look and ‘wot th’ name. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Tue-Sun 6-9pm.

20 – 23 Oct 2009

‘Year 12’ St Stephen’s Carramar Student Exhibition

Year 12 graduating students show from St Stephen’s School Carramar.
Year 12 TEE Art and Art and Design students exhibiting studio pieces from their three projects. The show is a selection of prints, paintings and three dimentional works (hats, jewellery and tattoo designs). Open: 10am-4pm.

8 – 18 Oct 2009

‘Collaborative Show’
11 local artists exhibiting paintings, drawings and photographic works.
Artists: Ros Blackburn, Anna-Mair Francis, Al Stumpers, Julie McIntee, Rian Hronsky, Justine Coleman, Emma Gregson, Lew Willis, Maria Bowers, Margot Lopez, Sue Williams Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sun 7-9pm.

8 Oct 2009

we would like to notify all members:
The Joondalup
Community Arts
Association will hold its
Annual General Meeting on Thursday 8 Oct, 7pm
at the blend(er) gallery,
4/48 Central Walk,
Nominations for the following Board positions are open:
Chairperson, Secretary
Treasurer, Gallery Manager,
Public Programmes Manager,
Marketing Manager,
Sponsorship and Grants Manager,
Public Relations Manager
Nominations close Tuesday 6 Oct and nominees must be financial members and present at the AGM. Voting rights financial members only.
The general public are welcome and a light supper will be provided.
Attendees are requested to RSVP by Tuesday 6 Oct for catering purposes. Please send your proxy form by 6 Oct to
PO Box 3543, Joondalup WA 6027
Nomination, proxy forms, and job
descriptions for the board positions can be obtained from the office For further
information contact the association phone 9300 3088 or
Thursday 8 Oct, 7pm.

22 Sept – 4 Oct 2009

‘Weird & Wonderful’
JCAA Collaborative Exhibition

Joondalup’s blend(er) gallery is hanging a “Weird and Wonderful Show” from 22 September until 4 October. By using unusual media and esoteric artistic devices such as chance, the eight participating artists aim to push their creative boundaries into the weird and wonderful. • Sheila Ayling and Lesley Byfield are exhibiting sculptures. Lesley says that she will present fibrous, fun culinary delights in bright fauvist colours. Sheila’s theme is the creation of tactile objects, from recycled material. In this way, she employs the element of chance, of unpredictable transformation. • Judy Rogers and Michael Nielsen are setting up installations, an art form seldom seen at the blend(er). Judy’s expresses thoughts about popular culture, body image and the opposing characteristics of strength and vulnerability, of innocence and knowledge. She also employs symbolism by expressing sentimentality as intimacy and domesticity as melodrama. Michael, too, deals with opposites: weird versus normal; convention versus quirkiness; and computer imagery versus painted canvas. As well as an installation, Michael will exhibit some two-dimensional work. • Underwater photographer Eva Boogaard shoots ultra-close-ups of marine life, seeking to render a particular deep sea softness in colour and texture that defines them as God’s creations. • Suzanne Ives in two- dimensional work of coral reefs, defines a fragility and beauty in spite of the ominous threat of decay. She also wants to inspire the viewer with thoughts of an opportunity to transform reality through her crop circle imagery. • Sean Conway says his two-dimensional work speaks of how we can look at the world in different ways and that his emotive symbols, shapes, colours and textures form images not only of beautiful transformation but also of decay and destruction.• In her two dimensional work Marilyn Hamilton celebrates the use of chance to create her evocative images of transformation, fragility, fragmentation and decay. She says, ‘Even decay has its own fragile beauty, as does memory.’

Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm.

15-20 Sept 2009

‘Year 12’
Montessori Kingsley Student Exhibition

5 art students’ diploma show. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm.

1-12 Sept 2009

‘Spring Show’ JCAA Members’ Exhibition

The Joondalup Community Arts Association Members’ Exhibition. More the 40 local artists created this show. Paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures make this exhibition a feast for the eye. Please take this great opportunity to come along to the official opening, Wed 2 Aug, 7pm, to show your support, and to see what our community art gallery is all about. Come and celebrate the Spring Season with the Joondalup Community Arts Association. Entry deadline: 2pm Fri 28 Aug. Artwork delivery: Mon 31 Aug, 6-7pm. Official opening: Wed 2 Aug 7pm. Artwork pickup: Sun 13 Sept 6-7.Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Fri 6-10pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm.

4-30 August 2009

‘Art Dialogue’ Exhibition
Artists: Jane Graham and Sean Conway
The exhibits are from a visual statement-and-answer project conducted by two artists, Jane Graham and Sean Conway.
Viewers of the exhibition will be
encouraged to create an interactive
response of their own to any of Jane and Sean’s pieces. These will be incorporated into the exhibition, to expand the topics of conversation.
You can follow the project by visiting
Judy Rogers
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

21 July – 2 August

‘Ningaloo Design – Coastal Lifestyle’ Justin Bauer Solo Exhibition

Justin Bauer photographic solo exhibition.
Justin wrote: “As a Photographer and Graphic Designer I have passionately and steadily gone about documenting and photographing various landscape/seascape/marine photography subjects in western Australia and beyond, especially the Ningaloo Reef and Outback coast (Northwest coastal fringe) a very special place for me and quite close to my heart, this is where I grew up into a young adult, surfing/diving/ camping and exploring with my family and friends. This coming exhibition displays some of the images gathered over some time such as coastal reef / surf scenes, landscapes/marine creatures/land creatures, terrestrial Australia, animal behavior, aerial photography and communities. Many photos I feel are of our important natural history, and hopefully the images can be appreciated as a small snapshot of WA’s coastal lifestyle culture and the terrestrial/animal/marine diversity throughout Western Australia that we should all protect, preserve and respect.
The works displayed will vary in size from framed gloss and mettalic prints to large canvas prints with smaller matted prints and images on various selected mediums.
I hope that if you do visit the blend(er) gallery and this coming exhibition that you enjoy the displayed images and I look forward to seeing you all there…” Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Thu-Sun 7-9pm

7-19 July 2009

‘From the Inside’ Exhibition’
A NAIDOC Print Project – Honouring our elders, nurturing our youth. NAIDOC Week is an annual national celebration of the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Each July, to coincide with the national celebrations, and in recognition of their significance, the City of Joondalup presents an exhibition of artworks highlighting Australian Indigenous cultures.
In 2009, the City has an exciting opportunity to present an innovative and celebratory exhibition in partnership with Edith Cowan University and the Department of Corrective Services. The exhibition will showcase printmaking works by Indigenous artists from Casuarina Prison inspired by the 2009 NAIDOC Week theme, “honouring our elders, nurturing our youth”. This year’s exhibition will be held across two venues concurrently – the blend(er) gallery and the Breathing Space Gallery, Mt Lawley Campus, Edith Cowan University.
Open: Tue-Sun 10am-2pm

8 July 2009

From the Inside Public Forum
A public forum, presented by the City of Joondalup, will feature presentations by two invited guests who will provide a fascinating insight into the genesis and development of the exhibition. The forum will provide an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and engage with the presenters and the exhibition’s curator. Refreshments and drinks will be provided. Bookings essential. For bookings, contact: Rob Cleworth Curator City of Joondalup Ph: 9400 4951 Email:
Wednesday 6-8pm

9-21 June 2009

‘Picture This’ JCAA Members’ Show’
JCAA members exhibition. Paintings, photography, digital works, sculptures. Official opening: Fri 12 June 6.30pm
Please come along and help launch the show. This members’ show will be held at the same time as the City of Joondalup Community Art Award.
All members of the JCAA are entitled to enter the City of Joondalup Community Art Award regardless of where they are residing.
Both shows will give great exposure for your art practice
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sun 7-9pm

5 May-7 June 2009

‘ART SHOW’ Collaborative Members’ Exhibition
14 members exhibiting at the blend(er) gallery. Paintings, drawings, textiles, sculptures, digital prints and photography on display.
The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday 8 May, 7pm by Deputy Mayor Mr Tom McLean City of Joondalup.
Paintings: Sean Conway, Sheila Ayling, Judy Rogers, Laura Folan, Lynn Hayward, Rafal Markowski, Caroline Worthy
Digital prints and photography: Al Stumpers, Barbara Wilk, Anna-Mair Francis
Paintings and 3 dimensional works: Ros Blackburn, Annalisa Tonone Pettitt, Lesley Byfield
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

31 March – 19 April 2009

‘Eclectic ArtScape’ Ros Blackburn Solo Exhibition
Life drawings and paintings depicting human figure
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sat 7-9pm

17-29 March 2009

‘Celebration’ JCAA Member’s Show
Artworks by local artists. Come and celebrate with us the creativity and talent. This members’ show will lead up to the Joondalup Festival weekend. The Festival is on with many cultural and entertaining events on the weekend of 28 and 29 March. This will be not just great fun but an excellent opportunity to promote the JCAA to the Festival audience (about 25,000). We are asking members to participate in the exhibition and produce the most exciting and creative show. We are sure we can surprise the Festival audience this year. Last year we had 2600 visitors and record sales that weekend. We are expecting more this year. The blend(er) gallery will be part of the festival with extended opening hours. Open: 28 Sat and 29 Sun 1-9pm. Please contact the gallery to register to be part of this. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Wed-Sun 7-9pm, during Joondalup Festival 28-29 March 1-9pm

10-15 March 2009

’09 Collection’ Exhibition by Maria Bowers, Students and Friends
“This is the 4th exhibition for ‘Maria Bowers and Students’ and is being held to give my students and friends a chance to show some of their wonderful artwork and to promote the Oil Painting workshops at the blend(er) gallery.”
She will have an opening night on Thursday the 12th of March from 7-9pm, please come along.
Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Thu-Sat 7-9pm

3-8 March 2009

‘Moving East’ Sean Conway Solo Show
After working for almost 4 years in a large studio in Wangara, prolific Carramar artist Sean Conway is moving his collected works to a large gallery studio in Kellerberin. Well known for his colourful abstract painting. His current exhibition at the blend(er) gallery features 35 works in a variety of styles, techniques and themes. Many are bargain priced for his studio clearance. Open: Tue-Fri 10am-2pm, Thu-Sat 7-9pm

13 January – 1 March 2009

Art Riot Exhibition
JCAA Collaborative Members’ Show. Painters: Ros Blackburn, Gail Leidich, Anne Muller, Tanya Brown, Ros Charron, Josephine Douglas, Lindy Midalia, Vanessa Brentnall, Sean Conway, Maria Bowers, Lew Willis, Pamela Saggers, Sheila Ayling Photographers: Eva Boogaard, Al Stumpers, Brian Sanger, Derek Fowler, Anna-Mair Francis Sculptor: Jean Hattingh, Michael Nielsen Printmaker: Aloma Berg Open: Tue – Fri 10am-2pm, Fri-Sat 7-9pm

23 Dec – 11 Jan 2009

‘Window Shopping’ Sean Conway Solo Show
Abstract works on show by the very popular local artist Sean Conway. Open: Fri-Sat 7-9pm